Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Health Public Health Services Presidency of NRP Educators who are organized by the Department of Child, Ergene, Women and Reproductive Health and our illiterate Newspaper Animation Program (NRP). Selda DOĞAN (Course Responsible), Ebe Hülya D.BAYIR, Hem. Emine AKTAŞ, Assoc. Servet ÖZKIRAZ, Assoc.Prof. Prof. Dr. Y.Ünal SARIKABADAYI, Yenidoğan Specialist Huseyin Selim ASKER, Hem. Nurp Practitioner Training was carried out by Zuhal ÖKMEN with a total of 24 participants from April 10 to 12, 2018 in Grand Hotel with 2 Doctors, 19 Nurses, 1 Midwife, 1 Paramedic, 1 Anesthesia Technician.

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