Our program was completed on November 3-4, 2017 in our ” Regenerative Medicine Area Cellular Therapy Training and Practices ” program.

Kök hücre; vücudumuzun organ ve dokularının ana hücresidir.

Stem cells; The body is the main cell of the organs and tissues.

It becomes functional when the organs and tissues occur in the mother’s womb. In other words, some of our muscles, some of our joint cartilage, and some of our bones. These stem cells are called embryonic stem cells. These are obtained from the umbilical cord. Ethical and legally prohibited use of embryonic cells.

Some stem cells remain in our bodies without being transformed into different organs and tissues. These are called adult stem cells. The most important role of adult stem cells is to continue their touching life and repair tissues when necessary.

Adult stem cell; when there is an injury or damage to our body, that is, when repair is needed, we go there and repair the touch.

Adult stem cells are often derived from fat tissue and bone marrow.

It is used for many injuries of musculoskeletal system. The most important area of ​​use is the replacement of damaged joint cartilage.

We can now treat the disease known as arthritis, which can not be cured by other methods.

So if your knees were not fully deformed and did not open as O, that is, if you have liming at the beginning or middle level; adult stem cells.

Beginner or intermediate level; knee, hip or ankle liming; adult stem cells will be given treatment. Very serious prosthetic surgeries will no longer be made in the next period.

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