Health Every Time

The largest of the Southeast Anatolia Region, which is the 6th largest city in Gaziantep, Turkey; In the center of Gaziantep, which was built by Fakılı and Derundere families in accordance with the modern hospitality concept in 2017, on a total of 12 thousand m2 open space, on the route of mass transportation; has been offered to serve as Defa Life Hospital in an environment that gives peace and security to its patients.

Hospital; has adopted a contemporary and institutional approach to business and is committed to providing quality and economical health services to all segments of society by respecting patient rights and adhering to traditional values ​​with qualified and qualified staff equipped with up-to-date information. Hospital; combining human and collective responsibility with quality service concept, it continues with sure steps in the future with its vision of “health everywhere” as it was in the past.

In our hospital we pay special attention to patient satisfaction and respect for patient rights; the patients’ wishes and expectations are followed, the patient complaints are instantly assessed and met, and patient satisfaction is tried to be maximized.

“”Experience is deceptive, life is short, therapy is long, opportunity is fleeing and it is difficult to decide.”

— Hippocrates

Our hospital standards

All kinds of diagnoses and treatments are done with modern methods in internal and surgical departments.

  • 10.000 m2 closed area,
  • 35 physicians who are specialized in their fields,
  • 120 patient beds capacity,
  • 26 outpatient clinics,
  • 50 patient rooms,
  • 200 car parking and valet service,
  • Shuttle service for our international guests,
  • In the hospital; Accompanying person speaking Turkish, German or English,
  • Diagnosis and treatment units serving at world standards

Our Vision

It is our first goal to protect human health and maintain a healthy life. In this direction, all of our patients are the brands of Gaziantep, providing equality of care in the highest quality, following scientific and technological developments with distinguished staff, feeling our confidence in our patients and pioneering applications that all expectants are welcome.

Our Mission

Our hospital to ensure the satisfaction of patients and their relatives with health services to all sections of society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the healthcare industry, the continuous development of our team, references in Turkey aims to become one of the academic medical institutions shown.