Our Quality Policy

  • Patient and patient relatives are following the technology that develops with modern sub-production from the time they enter the hospital, to provide quality services with the understanding of giving information at every step of the treatment,
  • To give importance to the safety of our employees by providing satisfaction,
  • Patient confidentiality in the front to keep the plan,
  • To support continuous education,
  • To provide health services at a reasonable cost as a target of quality service standards.

Employee Health and Safety

  • The adoption of the pro-active work safety approach,
  • Periodic monitoring of the risks and risks of our activities,
  • Supporting safe and healthy behaviors in organizational culture,
  • Developing and implementing effective management systems for determining, minimizing and managing health and safety risks in the workplace,
  • Providing training and information for all employees to work safely and adequately,
  • Taking necessary precautions to reduce or eliminate accidents and injuries in the workplace,
  • Shuttle service for our international guests,
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, trainees, suppliers,
  • Fulfillment of employee health and safety obligations according to national legislation and international standards.

Our Environmental Policy

  • Conservation of natural resources and realization of energy saving,
  • Raising awareness and training of all our employees about the environment,
  • Reduction of waste, proper decomposition at source, reduction of environmental damage to existing wastes,
  • All the generated wastes should only be delivered to the authorized firm,
  • Keeping the effects on the environment to a minimum,
  • It is the obligation to protect the environment according to national legislation and international standards.