In 2017, the health sector has emerged with the slogan “Health Every Time”. In the meantime, Life Hospital established international standards to bring health service to my country. Today, we are experiencing the dilemma of signing firsts in the healthcare sector and providing health services at hundreds of thousands of patients with the quality of Life.

Today, dozens of specialists in the field, doctors, nurses, health personnel and all our service points, we combine advanced diagnostic treatment methods with the latest technological medical devices and close attention, we are healing.

Defa Life, which is a “world hospital” in health services and with its successful applications in our department such as Brain-Spinal Cord and Neurosurgery, Dermatology and Eye Health and Diseases, especially Lipomatic and Stem Cell therapy, we’re doing.

We are committed to scientific research, our patient-focused service policy, commitment to medical ethics, our vision of always having the best medical facilities, and our quality values ​​are indispensable for us.

Life is constantly renewing for you, growing and continues to provide better service.

The most important thing for us is to lead a healthy and happy life. For this purpose, we work hard to provide the best service for you.

“Health Every Time”