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The largest of the Southeast Anatolia Region, which is the 6th largest city in Gaziantep, Turkey; Fucked and Derundere families …
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Hasta şikayetleri, dilekler, acil durumlar ve diğer konular için danışma hattımız.

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Other micro-websites that Defa Life Hospital has published in the healthcare sector, which also continues to work in the virtual environment.

In-Network Providers

Through our contracted agencies, you can continue where you have been uninterrupted to your health checks.

Our Doctors

It is at your disposal with the expert physician staff and other health staff.


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  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

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    Agreed Banks

    Special discounts are applied, the banks that we deal with.
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  • Complementary Health Insurance

    Complementary Health Insurance

    We provide you with the benefit of your private health insurance instead of public institutions when you need it.
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Tıbbi Birimlerimiz

Anesthesia and Reanimation

Post-operative pain treatment applications …


We have 24 hours uninterrupted ambulance service.

Nutrition and Diet

Taking into consideration the working and social conditions …

Brain-Spinal Cord and Neural Surgery

It is the leading cause of deaths in cancer patients.

Biochemistry-Clinical Biochemistry-Laboratory

Tıbba continues its activities within the scope of original…

Child Health and Diseases

Çocuk Polikliniği hekimlerimizin koordinasyonu ve işbirliği…

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

It deals with diseases caused by bacteria and viruses…

Eye Health and Diseases

The first step in a routine eye examination is to listen…


Our heart will do the job of pumping blood into the arteries.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

One of the most important and sensitive periods in women’s…

Orthopedics and Traumatology

In addition to orthopedic diseases, treatment services are provided…

Psychological Counselor

Professional services are provided for people to cope with the psychological…

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    Sun spots, old spots, called melasma;
    especially those seen in women and whose treatment is difficult;
    irregularly shaped color darkening
    are often used in the tables.
    Uzm.Dr. Esra Arısoy


Dr. Ulaş Yanık

    Over 20 years of expertise

Health; we have a hard time to understand the value we have but we have a strong prescription that can change our standards and our life quality when we lose it.

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